Permanent eyeliner accentuates the shape of the eye and adds volume to the lash line. In this technique we deposit pigment along the lash line using a cosmetic tattoo machine.

We create a symmetrical outline following your natural eye shape. The results are beautiful smudge proof eyeliner that we customize from thin natural eyeline to full Glam cat eye wings.

This is a semi-permanent technique that should last 2-4 years and achieves great results with all skin types. You should feel no pain during the procedure as we apply high quality anesthetic cream and gel in phased during the process.

Permanent makeup eyeliner
Eyeliner Tattoo Before-After New

We recommend a touchup every 2 years depending on your lifestyle, skin type, and sun exposure. Touchups are a necessary maintenance to ensure your pigment remains vibrant and your shape remains sharp.

Do not wear contacts or eye makeup on the day of your appointment. We recommend you remove your eyelash extensions 1 week before your permanent eyeliner appointment and allow your eyeliner to heal at least 2 months before restarting your eyelash extension.

We customize the pigment, shape, and line thickness to individualize the look to meet your unique cosmetic beauty style. Analysis of your overtone and undertone provides important information on your complimentary pigment colors. Please bring your favorite cosmetic eyeliner products and pictures of how you normally style your eyeliner.

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Wake up looking Glamorous and simplify
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Eyeliner PMU starting from $349

Cosmetic Tattoo Eyeliner

Preparing For Your Visit

  • Ensure you sign and complete all forms.
  • Avoid caffeine and alcohol 24 hours prior to your permanent makeup visit.
  • Do not wear eye makeup, eye cream, or contacts for permanent eyeliner procedures.
  • We recommend no Vitamin E, Fish Oil, or Turmeric vitamins 48 hours prior to your permanent makeup appointment.
  • No perming or tinting eyelashes 2 weeks prior to your permanent makeup appointment.
  • Permanent makeup procedures require a deposit to secure your appointment.

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