Ombre Brows
The Ombre style is the perfect looking makeup brow with a powdery tail that gradually lightens in shade towards the front of the eyebrow. This clean modern brow look elevates the beauty of eyebrows. This is a semi-permanent technique that should last 1-3 years and achieves great results with all skin types. Less invasive than microblading, ombre eyebrows technique uses a cosmetic tattoo machine to deposit small color pixels into the skin.

Powder Brows
The powder brow style creates a soft defined powdery eyebrow throughout the entire brow shape. The results achieve a soft pencil filled eyebrow design. This is a semi-permanent technique that should last 1-3 years, achieves great results with all skin types, and is less traumatizing to the skin than microblading. A cosmetic tattoo machine deposits layers of small color pixels into the skin and creates smudge proof perfect powdery eyebrows.

Powder Brows


Henna eyebrow tinting creates fuller darker brows and results in a powdery shaded effect as it stains the skin around the brow hairs. The Brow artist creates a henna paste and applies it over the brows into the desired shape so that the henna darkens the hair and surrounding skin.

The Brow artist can design an Ombre or Powder Brow effect as the henna paste allows for layering. The skin stains can last up to 10days, and the hairs remain dark for up to 6 weeks. Henna is a natural colorant extracted from the henna tree. Henna tinting covers grey hairs and works best for clients who have medium to full eyebrow hairs.

Henna Eyebrows

Powder Brows

Powder Eyebrows Before
Powder Eyebrows After

Soft Powder Brows

Soft Powder Eyebrows Before
Soft Powder Eyebrows After

Ombre Brows

Ombre Eyebrows Before
Ombre Eyebrows After
We customize the pigment, shape, and style to individualize the look to meet your unique cosmetic beauty style. Analysis of your overtone and undertone provides important information on your complimentary pigment colors. Please bring your favorite cosmetic eyebrow products and pictures of how you normally style your eyebrows.
A touch-up visit 4 to 6 weeks after the initial procedure is necessary to refine the design and perfect the final results. We recommend a touchup every 1 to 2 years depending on your lifestyle, skin type, and sun exposure. Touchups are a necessary maintenance to ensure your pigment remains vibrant and your shape remains sharp.
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Touch up 5-8 weeks
Annual Touch Up
Henna Brows Tinting


Touch up powder brows

Preparing For Your Visit

  • Ensure you sign and complete all forms.
  • Avoid caffeine and alcohol 24 hours prior to your permanent makeup visit.
  • Do not wear eye makeup or eye cream, for permanent eyebrows procedures.
  • We recommend no Vitamin E, Fish Oil, or Turmeric vitamins 48 hours prior to your permanent makeup appointment.
  • No waxing or tinting eyebrows 1 weeks prior to your permanent makeup appointment.
  • No Botox or Fillers 3 months prior to your permanent makeup procedure.
  • Permanent makeup procedures require a deposit to secure your appointment.

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