Permanent Makeup Clinic

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Wake up looking Glamorous and simplify your daily cosmetic routine.

Utilizing modern application techniques and quality pigments, we achieve soft realistic semi-permanent makeup results that accentuate facial features similarly to traditional makeup. We individualize each procedure to your specific beauty style and facial features. Our team ensures you receive specific after care instructions and products to help you achieve optimal outcomes.

Permanent Makeup or Micropigmentation

Permanent Makeup or Micropigmentation is a cosmetic tattoo procedure that deposits pigment between the layers of the epidermis and dermis.

Our permanent makeup clinic utilizes modern cosmetic tattoo machines, industry best practices for pigment application, and high-quality pigments.

The results are semi-permanent makeup styles that can last 1 to 8 years depending on your skin and lifestyle.

You should feel no pain during the process as we apply high quality anesthetic cream and gel in phases during your procedure.

Our Process

Prior to your in-office visit you will need to complete our questionnaire and consent forms. Please review and sign these forms prior to your in-office visit.

We will begin your visit by identifying your glam goals and your beauty style. Eyebrows and permanent makeup procedures begin with facial measurements and color analysis. We create a symmetrical outline of the procedure areas and collaborate with you to ensure we meet your expectations.

Permanent Makeup Education
Ombre Powder Brows Process

Once we define the areas of focus, we apply a quality numbing solution and allow the skin to absorb the anesthetic to ensure a painless experience. We mix a custom pigment formula from our color analysis to create the perfect individual coloration.

Utilizing high quality permanent makeup machines and needles, we can achieve realistic ombre or powdery brows, and exceptional detailing for eyeliner and lip blushing. During the procedure you should feel no discomfort as we expertly apply micropigmentation to the areas of focus.

You will receive after care instructions and a Glam maintenance kit with all the tools for successful healing.

Avoid caffeine and alcohol 24 hours prior to your appointment.

Contraindications for Booking Any Treatments:
Under the age of 18 years, Taking Blood Thinners, Pregnant or Nursing.