Modern Beauty Glam is a permanent makeup clinic that focuses on providing high quality cosmetic enhancements in a luxurious private environment.

Our permanent makeup clinic utilizes modern cosmetic tattoo machines, industry best practices for pigment applications, and high-quality cosmetic tattoo pigments.

We use the finest handmade lashes and an exclusive multi-step lash application system that protects your natural lashes and extends the wear of the lash extensions.

Our Mission

We individualize each procedure to your specific beauty style and facial features. Our team ensures you receive specific after care instructions and products to help you achieve optimal outcomes.

About Our Founder

Angelica is a licensed tattoo artist, certified permanent makeup artist, and certified master eyelash extension specialist. A lifelong cosmetics lover, she values the low maintenance time saving benefits of permanent makeup and eyelash extensions. As a licensed registered nurse for over 18 years, Angelica’s priority is to provide our clients with optimal outcomes utilizing the highest safety standards.

“My goal to produce youthful glamorous results with optimal healing.” Angelica has a bachelor’s degree in nursing and a master’s degree in healthcare administration.

Angelica grew up in the beauty industry and has a love for makeup from a young age. In her childhood her mother and grandmother owned a beauty salon Rafe Sweetheart in Surfside, FL. Angelica is passionate about permanent makeup and eyelash enhancement artistry and has a fine eye for details.

Aftercare Recommendations For Permanent Makeup

The first couple of days after your permanent makeup procedure the results are darker and generally appear more pigmented. Eyebrows and lips begin to peel usually through days 3 to 7. Please do not pick, peel, or rub the peeling skin as this may cause scabbing or scaring and unfavorable results. By days 7 -10 you should see less swelling and about 30% less pigmentation.

A touchup visit 6 weeks after your initial procedure is necesary to refine the style and details. Everyone heals differently and outcomes vary. It may take a third touchup visit to achieve the perfect style outcome. Our after-care instructions should be followed specifically to achieve the greatest results.

Wash your eyebrows or lips with gentle soap twice a day and pat dry. Do not use washcloths. Apply ointment to the procedure area three times a day.

We will provide you with ointment. Use a face shield in the shower the first 3 days so that shampoo and conditioner do not drip down the procedure areas. We will provide you with face shieldes.

Avoid pools, baths, humid hot areas, and sun tanning for 2 weeks after your treatment to prevent infection and prevent loss of pigment.

No makeup to procedure areas for 2 to 3 weeks. We recommend you avoid crowded or busy public areas for the first 7 days after your procedure. For the next 7 days we recommend you do not perform any activities that will cause sweating, avoid sun exposure, avoid swimming, and no sauna or steam.